Problems signing up to events ?

We encurage people to log in when they sign up for an event,(marked with a red box in the picture) but some seems to run into trouble when doing so.

Please be aware of the folloing:

1. your log-in for our events is not the one you use for logging in to spe.org - our homepage is independant to the "big" SPE, so if you havn't made one earlier - you should create an account - yellow arrow.

2. if you have created a login earlier and can't remember your password or  userlogin try your luck with the links (lillac and green arrows).

3. If you work at Dong Energy, and have used the word "dong" in any shape or form, you might be caught in the spam filter. The filter is american and could think you are being rude - in that case - send me a mail and I can help you.

4. If you need assistance in regards to login and you have tried the steps above - send me a mail and I'll assist you.

The reasons for wanting you to login are many:

  1. You will only have to set your tics as your information will be available for the event maker.
  2. You will receive a confirmation mail so you know that your registration has been accepted
  3. You will be able to cancel your attendance if you are not going to attend the meeting anyway - and avoid being blacklisted :-) if it happens too often or having to contact board members to explain that you can't participate.
  4. We will be able to avoid spam in the guestlist - hindering real people to attend.
  5. The guest sign up should be for real guests - and not the members. This way we can invite the real guests to become members

Best regards

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